Suzanne in Kate Wholey’s Remembering the Music, Forgetting the Words

Kate Whouley wrote “Remembering the Music, Forgetting the Words,” the story of two women, mother and daughter, who journey to a place where they are free from their not-uncomplicated past. Here, they meet each other in the present, sharing the only moment the mother knows, and one of many moments the daughter—and her readers—will remember.


The insights Kate discovered from Suzanne allowed the author to re-frame her on-going experience of taking more responsibility for her mother’s day-to-day life. As she begins to recognize her own capacity to be compassionate in their personal relationship, the reader learns too

Kate says, “It’s technically true that you can’t see Alzheimer’s in a living brain, the way you could see a broken bone or a tumor.” So says Suzanne, the Heaven-sent elder care consultant for Kate Whouley and her mother, Anne.

In the Acknowledgements, Suzanne is credited with inspiring Kate to write her book;